One man’s advice to all aspiring and current Software Engineers or Programmers.

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m just a guy who has been working in the industry now for about 18 months. I’m no expert and I’m certainly no senior engineer. However, this question has plagued me for a while and I’ve asked, and read and mulled and now I’m finally ready to share my thoughts. Hopefully they are of some help to you.

When I first started out programming at about 17, I thought being a good programmer meant knowing a lot of Apple’s CocoaTouch APIs (I first started to learn to code by making iOS apps). The more I knew, the faster I’d be, the more I’d earn or _whatever. _Five years later and I have matured in my thinking (I think?!). So as I think and read about this question, time and time again it becomes less about the code and who you are as a person and what your priorties are. Let’s start with what I believe the most important thing is.

Your Users

We write software for people. For users. For mums and dads, for grandparents and grandkids. For teenagers and preteens. For rebels and misfits. For nice guys and girls. For everyone. Everything you do must make their lives easier. You may think “oh I wanna work on the backend” or “I just wanna do data science”. Wrong. Those engineers are just as important as the person making the animations. For example, It wasn’t someone with a bit of jQuery under their belt making sure my friend comes up when I type “e”, (the most common english character) in the Facebook search box.